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Premium CBD Tincture 2000 mg | Hemp Extract Oil
Premium CBD Tincture 2000 mg | Hemp Extract Oil
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Premium CBD Tincture 2000 mg | Hemp Extract Oil

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Premium CBD Tinctures | Hemp Extract Oil  |  Organic Mint Flavor


Eli Ruby ™ CBD Hemp Extract oils are full spectrum which includes a broad range of cannabinoids including naturally occurring phytocannhinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids to take advantage of this wonderfully crafted full spectrum formulation bringing the Entourage Effect to life.

We selected this tasty organic mint flavored tincture for you, going through the trails and due diligence of finding a perfect hemp extract oil that is easily consumed with a great consumption experience with high bioavailability and high potency CBD for high efficacy.

This extra strength CBD Tincture 2000 mg has 66.6 mg/mL, one full graduated dropper, to easily fine tuning you're serving size.


Eli Ruby finest CBD Dosage chart Premium tinctures

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  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Vegan
  • Lab Tested and Verified
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Manufactured in FDA Registered Facility
  • GMP Certified
  • Non GMO
  • Made in the USA


We use limited high quality ingredients, organic when possible, vegan with clean, safe full spectrum hemp extract oil, that is verified and tested for quality, purity and potency.


  • Supporting a sense of calm
  • Anti-inflammation Recovery
  • Manage everyday stress
  • Maintain healthy sleep life
  • And MORE!


Delivering an amazing CBD tincture to you with only the highest quality organic MCT coconut oil as a carrier, sun grown hemp and a natural organic mint flavor, is our mission.  With the finest sourced ingredients, you will not find any artificial flavors, coloring, additives, preservatives, solvents or added ingredients in this formulation.

The CBD landscape can be hard to navigate at times, understanding the product differences, potencies, serving sizes and what other compounds maybe added, can be challenging.

We want to be a company you can turn to and trust, rely on to have clear labeled bottles that are easy to understand.  These tinctures have graduated droppers with lines marking amount so you can fine tune your servicing size and know exactly how much you are using.

CBD can be used day, night or throughout the day in a microdose fashion.  This will all depend on what your goals and intentions are in using CBD, as well as individual experience and biology.

Crafting the best CBD tincture that uses selected limited ingredients to bring to you a the highest quality hemp extract possible, helping you find relief, addressing various conditions, creating daily balance, wellness and a positive lifestyle is our passion!

We want you to be at peace with your decision.

SHAKE WELL before use.  Place under tongue for 1-2 minutes for best practices.  Avoid touching the dropper to mouth.