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Why Eli Ruby?


Eli Ruby finest CBD premium hemp extract oil what makes us different


Our Commitment to Excellence is paramount to our business.  It is at the center of all that we do!  We strive to educate and empower our customers to live a naturally healthy life that suits their lifestyle, situation and goals.

We use advanced extraction and purification technologies to insure you get premium CBD products that are full spectrum rich in cannabinoids that brings out the best bioavailability and consistency.  Using only the finest ingredients, always organic when possible and using strong CBD rich genetics with organic growing methods.

High Efficacy and High Potency Full Spectrum CBD+Cannabinoids

What are some of the benefits of extra strength CBD?

1.  For many people who are looking to feel a stronger sense of calm, relaxation, uplifted, help with sleep, addressing inflammation or assistance in pain relief; extra strength CBD products are a perfect application.

2. Depending on body size and type, individual biology, age, if one is taking other medications, this could be a great fit for those with larger body type, high tolerance, regular users, those wanting more assistance with severe pain, anxiety, or other concerns.

3. High absorption and better efficacy.  Especially for extra strength topical CBD, more is need to penetrate skin and various tissues to get to the desired area for better results.  You may need to apply several applications to be able to have enough that would equal to half to one milliliter or more per application.

3.  It is economical!  When you buy extra strength CBD you simply get more quantity of CBD per unit.  You simply need to use less amount to get the same potency per milliliter.

Although CBD does not have a standardized potency, it can be generally divided into 4 potency categories:

Eli Ruby extra strength premium CBD finest cannabis oil

Low Strength CBD Oil - 10 mg -250 mg - per 30 mL / 1 oz

Regular Strength CBD Oil - 250 mg - 1000 mg per 30 mL / 1 oz

Strong Strength CBD Oil - 1000 mg - 1800 mg per 30 mL / 1 oz

Extra Strength CBD Oil - 1800 + mg - per 30 mL / 1 oz

All our products are tested and verified several times before reaching your door.  We value transparency making lab results readily available and present an accurate label that reflects all the important details regarding our products, any certification or designation regarding our products.

You can feel confident in what you are buying, giving Eli Ruby CBD to your family, pets and friends.

Starting from excellent seed genetics, to organic farming practices, to FDA-registered facility (GMP), to our rigorous quality assurance and protocols, Eli Ruby ™ offers the highest quality CBD products which is second to none!

We have an unwavering commitment to bring you a quality, safe, consistent product!



Eli Ruby Premium CBD Finest high quality Hemp Extract oil

Eli Ruby finest CBD oil premium hemp extract

Eli Ruby premium CBD best hemp extract finest cannabis