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Our Commitment to Excellence is paramount to our business.  It is at the center in all that we do!  We strive to educate and empower our customers to live a naturally healthy life that suits their lifestyle and situation.

We use advanced extraction and purification technologies to insure a Premium CBD product that brings out the best bioavailability and consistency.  Unlike many CBD companies, we use a chromatographic extraction process that is solvent free and a true THC-FREE Hemp Extract oil.

All our products are 3rd Party tested several times before reaching your door.  We value transparency making lab results readily available and present an accurate label that reflects all important details regarding our product. You can feel confident in what you are buying, giving to your family, pets and friends. 

Starting from the seed genetics, to the organic farming practices, to the FDA-registered facility (GMP), to our rigorous Quality Assurance and protocols, Eli Ruby ™ offers a premium product which is second to none!

We have an unwavering commitment to bring you a quality, safe, consistent product!



Eli Ruby Premium CBD Finest THC-Free Hemp Extract oil