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Why Eli Ruby?

Why Eli Ruby?

a commitment to excellence

We are always working on perfecting our offering, if it is a matter of making improvements to our existing products or developing new products that align with new researched outcomes. Our intention is firm in bringing hemp products to life that make a positive impact on your life.

We have a deep passion in sharing knowledge with you so you can continue to elevate your own wellness, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Like our products, our commitment to you is holistic, intentional, and rooted in providing you the utmost value and wellness.

Our Mission

Our Mission


Not all CBD Products are the same, experience the difference with Eli Ruby ™ product line for yourself. Our goal is to bring unique premium hemp products that work well, if it is for addressing a certain condition to assisting in a good nights sleep to creating daily balance, we want our products to able to bring a positive impact and help you find the balance you seek.

Wellness through hemp is an evolving science with new and exciting information and studies coming out more and more. We pride ourselves by staying updated on novel outcomes, developments and methods that can make an impact.




Hight Qaulity & High Efficacy

Hight Qaulity & High Efficacy


Attention to detail, verified and tested products, safe and consistent, and transparent with our Certificate of Analysis (COA) that are publicly available and posted, are part of our regular process.

Our CBD+Cannabinoid and CBD+THC hemp extracts are made in the USA, manufactured in a FDA registered facility. We use the finest ingredients, follow best practices and always looking for ways to improve our products, processes and the benefits we can deliver to our customers!

With no heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, preservatives or any contaminates, we use the finest ingredients and follow best practices.

100% All Natural Plant Derived

100% All Natural Plant Derived


Our business is built on using plant derived cannabinoids and all natural plant compounds. To really access the Entourage Effect - the synergistic relationship - that activates and enhances the benefits of these plant compounds when they are used in combination.

Research has shown that there is improved efficacy when cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN and THC, to name some of the majors are taken together, as well as minor cannabinoids, have elevated effect when combined in a full spectrum formulation.

Rest assured that we have a firm belief in the power of whole plant wellness and our products reflect this value.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" – Aristotle

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