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About Eli Ruby CBD

About Eli Ruby premium CBD oil finest hemp extract about us colorado company

Eli Ruby CBD was founded with one clear goal:

Create premium CBD products with every step of development treated as if it’s the most important one.

Because we value quality above all else, and we know you do too.


Inspired By Nature

Before developing Eli Ruby CBD, members of our team spent nearly a decade in the Colorado cannabis industry perfecting how to effectively turn high-quality plants into premium wellness products.  Crystallizing our commitment to established best practices, safe and proper growing methods, genetic selection, and processing and extraction techniques. Ultimately, when it comes to crafting a quality CBD product, everything matters.

When it comes to crafting a quality CBD product, everything matters.

Focused on Quality From the Ground, Up

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Eli Ruby CBD is a top tier premium CBD hemp company for three reasons:

1)  We know that every choice we make, from the genetic selection of balanced, high-CBD plants to our organic cultivation methods, has an impact in creating the highest quality CBD products. We let facts and outcomes guide our decisions, so the only thing you have to consider is your favorite consumption method.

2) When it comes to your wellness we are intentional, transparent and integrity matters.  Whether it is presenting lab verification that is easily accessible, clear labeling or helping our customers cultivate a wellness routine that’s right for them, we want to be who you turn to for trusted CBD and beyond. 

3) Our premium CBD hemp extract products are made in the USA, coming from one of the industry’s leading state — Colorado.  Using advanced growing techniques and state-of-the-art extraction and processing methods utilizing chromatography, ethanol and supercritical CO2, we’re proud to produce a natural, non-GMO, GMP certified, additive-free, organically grown product every single time. And we have the lab results and verifications to prove it.

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We know your trust is earned, and we’re here to earn it.

Supporting Daily Balance

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Whether you’re seeking relief from discomfort or help managing pain, wanting to reduce anxiety or simply desire daily life balance, we support and encourage your path. We know the world of CBD wellness can feel overwhelming, so we made a point to not only create a clean, consistent premium CBD products but to also design labels that make creating daily servings easy and can be clearly understood. Keeping with that commitment to simplicity, we also make a point to follow the latest scientific research advances and break them down for you in our comprehensive blog and news update. We consider it our duty to share knowledge with you so you can continue to elevate your own wellness, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Because like our products, our commitment to you is holistic, intentional, and rooted in providing you the utmost value.


Eli ruby premium cbd oil about us best cbd products

Expertly crafted with quality in mind. A better approach to CBD wellness.

Start your CBD wellness journey today.




Eli Ruby Premium CBD Finest THC-Free Hemp Extract oil
Eli Ruby finest cannabis CBD premium hemp extract oil best CBD products state of colorado
Eli Ruby finest cannabis CBD premium hemp extract oil best CBD products state of colorado