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Founded on Efficacy

Founded on Efficacy


As a Colorado company, we have been able to benefit from years of industry experience. We have been diligently perfecting how to effectively turn high-quality plants into premium finished wellness products.

Eli Ruby ™ was founded with one clear goal: create true premium full spectrum hemp products that are rich with natural plant cannabinoids and other natural compounds, that are high efficacy, bring you great value and wellness results.

We let science and outcomes guide our decisions and company direction. When it comes to our products, we are intentional and transparent. For us, integrity matters.

We want to be who you turn to for trusted CBD & cannabinoids and CBD+THC. Whether it is presenting lab verification that is easily accessible, clear labeling or helping our customers cultivate a wellness routine that’s right for them.

"Because we value quality above all else, and we know you do too"

Inspired By Nature


We aim to deliver to you products with high efficacy and value with every step of development, treated as if it’s the most important one.


Our commitment to established best practices are unmatched. We put emphasis on safe and proper growing methods, genetic selection, processing and extraction techniques, to create products that bring the best out of this plant.

Ultimately, when it comes to crafting the highest quality CBD+cannabinoid products, everything matters.

We pride ourselves in offering products that are all natural plant derived, never synthetic or chemical conversions of any kind, with quality ingredients, organic whenever possible, clean, safe, free of any toxins or pesticides. Our products have been tested and verified hemp 100% hemp.

Premium Full Spectrum


Eli Ruby ™ brings you some of the highest quality full spectrum hemp products on the market today: CBD + CANNABINOID and CBD +THC. With a commitment to excellence, each batch is tested and verified several times. We never offer any of our products that does not pass the highest industry standards for quality assurance and labeling criteria. We are committed to your wellness at every step. We also use the same products ourselves, our families and pets!

As we mentioned, our business is founded and centered around bringing value and high efficacy products to enhance your life. Science and research have shown, and continue to inform us, that combining the various compounds and cannabinoids yield better results than using isolated cannabinoids. The essence of full spectrum hemp product is the creation of the Entourage Effect, as defined by researches.

We Follow The Science

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" – Aristotle

As the famed neurologist and medical researcher, Dr. Ethan Russo has presented in his research papers, as early as 1998, the synergistic impact, or Entourage Effect, was already considered an essential part of how botanical compounds working in concert were more effective than their isolated counterparts.

To put it in the current context and simpler terms, a 99.9% pure CBD isolate is less effective than what is called a full-spectrum CBD from hemp plant.

We have a strong belief in following the science and research behind the benefits of this wonderful plant.

Understanding the context and relationship between the compounds, how they can be most impactful and carry the best efficacy, is part of our process in our product formulation. Through product formulation, we aim to bring the Entourage Effect to life.

The Entourage Effect

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" – Aristotle

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