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What Makes a Premium Extra Strength CBD Roll On?

Eli Ruby premium extra strength CBD roll on 4500 mg finest CBD products

CBD Roll-ons are one of the latest advancement in at-home therapy used by sports enthusiasts, weekend warriors, outdoor adventurers, and people with chronic conditions to help reduce aches, pains, soreness, and inflammation.

Similar in appearance to your roll-on deodorant, CBD roll-ons provide a dose of natural healing ingredients using pure CBD oil to aid your joints, ligaments, and muscles in recovery from activity, illness, and injury. They are applied topically, or directly to your skin, using a roll-on applicator. These types of premium CBD products are commonly known as ‘topicals’.

Frequently topical CBD products or best CBD roll on also include other ingredients that support pain relief, wellness, anti-inflammatory qualities, soothing and moisturizing effect to name a few.  This would include botanicals such as; shea butter, aloe, menthol, white camphor bark oil, peppermint, witch hazel, cocoa butter, vitamin E and more.

How Do I Use CBD Roll-Ons?

The best CBD roll-on combines soothing extra strength CBD oil from the hemp plant and cooling, pain-relieving menthol. (1)

Eli Ruby premium extra strength CBD roll on 4500 mg finest CBD products

Let's take a look at just how CBD roll-ons work to gently heal your aches and pains, and why extra strength formulas are recommended for the best results.  The use varies depending on the goals and activities, be it for younger people looking for relief from lifestyle issues such as sports, outdoor activities or CBD yoga, to the elderly who wish to address pain, soreness, inflammation, joint and muscle soreness or arthritis; it is valuable to learn more about the topic of CBD topical roll on.

Does CBD Oil Roll-On Work?

Project CBD's 2019 Survey 'Cultivating Wellness' revealed (2) that topical CBD, alongside CBD tinctures, were the most popular products among survey participants.

Unlike other types of premium CBD products, the CBD in topicals doesn't enter your bloodstream but instead positively interacts (3) with local skin receptors. These are called cannabinoid receptors because they are part of your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). (4) Your skin contains the two main types of cannabinoid receptors that are found in the ECS: CB1 and CB2.  ECS is an abbreviation for the Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system is an active and complex cell signaling network which was identified in the early 1990s by researchers exploring the various compounds within the cannabis plant. It involves a combination of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and cannabinoid receptors.  These assist in regulating several functions in the human body. It is the AEA or anandamide and 2-AG 2-arachidonoylglyerol that keep internal functions running smoothly, creating balance or homeostasis.

Is CBD Effective Topically?

Yes, topical CBD has been shown (5) to help relieve local pain, inflammation, joint stiffness, and arthritis symptoms in numerous studies. However, your skin doesn't contain very many pores for absorption of CBD oil because it's meant to be a barrier against outside chemicals and biological agents.

The good news is that an extra-strength CBD roll-on contains more CBD, hemp extract oil, per application than regular formulations. This helps ensure that the CBD that is absorbed (6) in your skin has enough potency to relieve your symptoms quickly.  It is critical to penetrate the skin and fat to reach the areas needing relief to truly get a higher efficacy.

How to Use CBD Oil Roll-On for Pain

Eli Ruby premium extra strength CBD roll on 4500 mg best CBD products pain relief

You may be wondering, where exactly do I put the roll-on CBD oil?

That's a great question. If you have a pulled muscle, you can use the CBD roll-on for pain relief by applying it right over the sore area. Likewise, if you're experiencing inflammation or have injured an area, CBD topical pain relief works by rolling it directly on the region. An extra strength CBD roll on that has 40 mg per ml or more can be applied several times for a more powerful effect, simply apply, let dry and apply again as needed for desired effect.

People with arthritis can place CBD roll-ons on the wrists and joints. In fact, there are several pressure points (7) throughout the human body shown to help relieve pain. (8)  Massage and acupuncture therapists often use essential oils such as premium hemp extracts on these areas to further relax muscles and bring on a sense of tranquility.

These include: (9)

  • The temples for sinus pain relief

  • The hand valley between the thumb and forefinger to help relieve neck and shoulder pain

  • The foot arches for lower back pain

What is the Strongest CBD Roll-On?

The Most Potent CBD Roll-On for Pain Ever?

While there are several extra strength roll-ons now on the market, Eli Ruby's ™ 4,500 mg Extra Strength CBD Roll-on (10) packs the most powerful punch by combining organic aloe and cooling menthol with industry-leading pure CBD. It is a premium CBD roll-on freeze in a deep penetrating formulation that is designed to easily enter your skin and deliver a high dose of the highest quality CBD products into your muscles for optimal healing.  

Best CBD for Muscle Recovery

Eli Ruby premium extra strength CBD roll on finest CBD best CBD products hemp extract oil


How Does CBD Work on Muscles?

According to Natural Medicine Journal, CBD is sometimes described as a "promiscuous" compound. While that might sound a bit risque, it's actually a good thing in this case. It means that premium hemp CBD takes multiple routes to help ease your muscle pain, including:

That's why a CBD muscle rub with a roll-on is like combining a CBD muscle balm and CBD muscle relaxer all in one. 

CBD Roll-On for Joint Pain and Arthritis Pain

Does CBD Help with Joint Pain?

A 2019 Harris Poll and Quartz Survey (15) found that 38% of participants used toxin free CBD products for joint pain, including 42% of women and 35% of men. Likewise, preliminary studies have shown (16) promise for its use in reducing joint swelling and pain, and a recent review (17) revealed that it may help lessen immune system inflammatory responses.

While more research is needed, CBD's anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties have been well-documented (18) in recent years, making it a top choice for people seeking alternative therapies for joint pain management.

Is CBD Good for Arthritis?

Eli Ruby premium extra strength CBD roll on finest CBD best CBD products hemp extract oil

According to the Arthritis Foundation, 79% (19) of recent survey participants revealed their significant use of and interest in the highest quality CBD products. These surprising results led the foundation to put out its first-ever guidelines for using premium hemp extract to help treat arthritis symptoms. In addition, they were instrumental in helping launch a phase 2 study (20) to determine how topical CBD affect symptoms for arthritis patients.   

While this research is underway, the current findings (21) highlight that topical applications of premium hemp CBD may be particularly helpful for reducing arthritis pain and stiffness.  This has been shown to be quite beneficial for elderly population to address these important conditions.                 

How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work for Joint Pain?

A CBD topical pain relief typically takes just a few minutes to begin working, so you'll find comfort fast. Using a CBD roll-on for pain relief means you avoid the time it takes to digest the CBD, so you get a quick, powerful dose of this healing remedy directly to the spots where you need it most.  If there are other botanicals included in the formulation such as menthol it may have additional efficacy in having a deeper and quicker penetration.

What is Extra Strength CBD Roll-On?

A recent analysis indicated that any CBD dose over 40 mg (per mL) (22) would be considered high potency, or extra strength CBD. In addition, up to 1,500 mg (23) per day of CBD has been shown to be well-tolerated, and this is typically the highest amount (24) given to study participants.

This means that extra strength CBD roll-on in a 50 mg/mL dose is an ideal extra strength topical because it allows you to start at the lower end of the spectrum, and take additional doses throughout the day as needed.

We've designed our 50 mg/mL tranquil CBD roll-on, menthol edition with this in mind. Our aim is to help you relax your muscles, ease your pain, and get a better night's sleep so you can get back to doing more of what you love! Enjoy our full line of premium CBD products (25) to aid with all life's wellness needs, including extra strength CBD tinctures, CBD Gummies, CBD body butter, extra strength CBD capsules, CBD hemp oil for pets and more.

In Conclusion

Eli Ruby premium extra strength CBD roll on finest CBD best CBD products hemp extract oil

There are many options to get the benefits from CBD and many product options.  We have discussed various consideration regarding gaining relief from topical CBD as well as extra strength CBD roll on, it is important to research and review the label and product ingredients to understand what you are buying, if you are getting the intended results.  Starting with pure CBD, that is safe, verified and tested, use of organic ingredients whenever possible, grown in the USA from a company you can trust.  At Eli Ruby we value transparency and educating our customers about the benefits of CBD and our products as well as the various ways you can take advantage of the benefits of this amazing plant.


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