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What is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Hemp and Marijuana are both in the Cannabis plant genus.  Cannabis is an annual herbaceous plant with two primary classifications (1) Sativa and (2) Indica.  Hemp belongs to Cannabis Sativa species and Marijuana can be either Cannibis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.


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There are many strains of both forms of Cannabis with many more being created and bred.  Marijuana always harvest the female plant with the flower being desired for it medicinal and recreational potency of Delta-9 THC, the psycho-active compound, it typically contains a low to little CBD compound, but may vary with different stains.
Hemp is defined to have a THC level of below 0.3% and aside of its beneficial qualities of CBD and other compounds, it has many other uses.  Some examples of industrial uses include; paper products, packaging, Hemp “plastics”, live stock feed, fuel, textiles, building material, etc which can be made from both the female or male plant, depending on the desired product.

Different parts of the plant are used for different uses:

  • Seeds can be used in food and cosmetics. They are considered a superfood, like Flax seed and Chai seed.
  • Stalks are the source of fiber used in building materials/concrete and clothing.
  • Flowers are harvested for its cannabinoid content, beneficial qualities to people and animals.


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