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Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

Jan 07, 2022

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A lot of people who want to empower their health naturally have heard that getting a quality night's sleep is one of the best ways to feel better quickly and improve wellness outcomes. In fact, sleep helps (1) keep your immune system healthy, improves memory, balances mental health (2), helps you regulate your weight, and reduces (3) your risk for many chronic illnesses.

Yet, if you're like many people, it can be challenging to relax after a busy day, calm the mind, let go of daily stress and worries, rid one’s self of the attachment to social media or your device screens.  Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep can seem like a difficult achievement. Finding a natural sleep remedy that's both gentle and effective can help you enjoy the many benefits that sleep has to offer.

Here are some of the most common questions people have when trying to find the best sleep aid products:

  • Which sleep aid is most effective?

  • What is the best alternative to sleeping pills?

  • What is the most effective natural sleep aid?

  • What is the strongest herb for sleep?

CBD Oil: A Natural Sleep Aid for Adults

Eli Ruby Premium CBD products best CBD gummies CBD for sleep

Cannabidiol (CBD) for sleep is considered by many to be one of the best sleeping remedies because it has been shown to work with your body's own Endocannabinoid System (ECS) (4). Your ECS is responsible for managing a whole host of health processes in your body, including:

  • Sleep-wake cycles

  • Pain management

  • Mood

  • Immune system responses

  • Metabolic regulation

  • Learning and memory

  • Digestive system regulation

  • Stress responses

CBD is a compound that's found in the hemp variety of the cannabis plant, and it's also among a select group of signaling agents that work in the ECS, known as cannabinoids.  Researcher are constantly learning more about this complex system of cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, discovering new compounds and understanding the effects and properties they can contribute.  CBD, premium hemp extracts, is an important, major, compound that has many medicinal attributes but is not psychoactive, meaning it does not get you high or euphoric.

How Does CBD Work as a Sleep Aid?

Cannabinoids are found naturally in your body as well as in the hemp plant. Their main job is to ensure that your body stays in a balanced (5) state of health. They do this by sending out a variety of chemical signal 'outputs' based on the signal 'inputs' from your body.

In the case of sleep, when your main systems have depleted their energy supplies, cannabinoids can begin sending signals to indicate you need to rest and replenish your body.

However, the catch-22 is that if your body is depleted of energy, it may also be depleted of cannabinoids.

That's where plant-based cannabinoids like CBD oil, be it THC free CBD Oil or a full spectrum CBD oil, can step in to help replenish your body's naturally-occurring cannabinoids. Premium hemp CBD can positively affect the uptake and release of these chemical compounds to help improve (6) your quality of sleep.

For example, research (7) has shown (8) that premium CBD products can help reduce the symptoms of certain sleep disorders like REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), a condition that interrupts normal REM sleep patterns. Higher doses of CBD oil have also been shown (9) to decrease insomnia by lowering levels of the key stress hormone cortisol.  This is a primary stress hormone that is released in fight-or-flight situation, it is natural and important function unless it is prolonged and in excessive amounts.

How Long Does it Take For CBD To Work?

Does CBD help you fall asleep faster?

Evidence reveals that the highest quality CBD products may help you fall asleep faster by regulating (10) your sleep-wake cycles, relaxing your nervous system, assisting in pain management, and improving anxiety symptoms. One recent study (11) revealed that it was better than the commonly prescribed sleep aid melatonin in helping children on the autism disorder spectrum fall asleep.

Another study highlighted that the anxiety which is sometimes associated (12) with sleep disorders was reduced (13) in 79% of patients taking CBD, and the sleep scores in that same study improved in 66% of those patients.

Eli Ruby Premium CBD products best CBD for sleep

3 Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

  1. MeditateThere are many various types that you may learn.  To start, focus on your breathing in a deep relaxed way and allow your thoughts to disappear.  Also you may want to learn more about CBD and meditation by reading our blog about CBD and meditation and CBD yoga.
  2. Exercise - Regular exercise supports positive physical and mental wellbeing.  It is also a way to release tension, frustrations and releases endorphins.  Yoga and CBD yoga can be a great benefit as well.

  3. Listen to Music -There is a calming effect by listening to soft music to relax the body and mind.  Studies have shown it to lower blood pressure.

How long does it take to fall asleep with CBD oil?

That's a great question. This can depend on a few key factors (14), including CBD oil's potency (strength), its delivery method, and factors such as your rate of metabolism and body weight.

Studies (15) indicate that higher doses of CBD seem to work best at helping combat issues that cause insomnia and sleep disturbances. 

In addition, CBD oil that's taken under the tongue (sublingually) can help you fall asleep faster than premium hemp extract taken on the tongue such as CBD edibles, CBD gummies or CBD premium capsules. This is because it is absorbed (16) directly into your bloodstream, rather than having to be digested. CBD oil's effects usually take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the consumption method, to start to take effect.

That's why, if you have trouble falling asleep, our Premium Extra Strength Hemp Extract CBD Oil, (17) taken sublingually, can be a great sleep aid option for you. It is blended with key ingredients to help you bridge in calm, reduce the inflammation that may cause aches and pains, and ease stress for a refreshing night's sleep. It also delivers a higher dose per serving than regular strength CBD blends. Our goal is to help you get the 7-9 hours of rest (18) that are recommended by health experts so you wake up feeling refreshed.  Another benefits for those who have benefited from CBD for sleep is that people report that they wake up well rested and and not groggy like many pharmaceutical sleep aids.

How long does CBD make you sleepy?

The amount of time CBD for sleep kicks in, again depends on CBD's delivery method and strength. Products like CBD edibles that are taken orally (on the tongue) require digestion of the CBD, which means the effects aren't as fast-acting as sublingual delivery.  Taken under the tongue for quick absorption and bioavailability such as with a premium CBD tincture oil or pure tincture CBD.  

The upside is that these effects tend to last significantly longer, usually around 6-8 hours.(19)  That's the reason why CBD edibles or CBD gummies for sleep are considered some of the best natural sleep aids for adults. Many edibles also come in tasty flavors and convenient packaging, so they can easily be placed on a bedside table or nightstand, and enjoyed whenever you're ready for them!  Another advantage with CBD gummies or CBD edibles is that it is a set dosage so when you know what serving size works for you, you can easily get a consistent serving size every time.


Eli Ruby Premium Hemp Extract Best CBD for sleep

What CBD Edibles Help You Sleep?

Broad spectrum or full spectrum blended edibles that include hemp terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids formulated to help you relax, better manage pain, and get a good night's sleep are ideal. This is because when all these hemp compounds work together, they elevate each other's therapeutic benefits, a phenomenon known as 'the entourage effect'.(20)  The phenomenon that the sum of all it’s parts are greater than individually.

For example, Eli Ruby's Organic Lemon Lime Best CBD Gummies (21) combine CBD with 'the mother of all cannabinoids', CBG, (22) to help you get the most out of hemp's healing properties.  They are special CBD gummies with 25 mg CBD and 5 mg of CBG!

How long does it take for CBD Gummies to work for sleep?

If you tend to experience sleep disturbances, try taking CBD gummies for sleep 1-2 hours before bedtime. They come with a preset dose, so it's easy to get the CBD you need for a restful night's sleep, a natural sleep remedy. They're also ideal for people who don't like the taste of CBD oil, and they can even double as your favorite bedtime snack!


Sleep issues are a very common problem that many people experience throughout their life.  We discussed some of the ways CBD for sleep can be beneficial, some of the ways highest quality CBD products has general benefits that support wellbeing that results in a better night sleep along with being a direct sleep aid.  The delivery method makes a difference in the timeframe it takes for CBD oil to take effect, which factors in the appropriate consumption time as well as the type of consumption option, for example, CBD gummies, CBD edibles, CBD premium capsules or premium CBD tinctures have different attributes to consider.  You may try various consumption types to see what is best for you and what service size suits you.  Approaching CBD for sleep can take a few tries to experiment what is a personal fit, many people have also benefited from keeping a journal or writing dosage size, consumption time and option to be able to assess and fine tune the solution that works best for you.



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