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CBD Yoga: 4 Reasons Why This Tandem Works

We all have different reasons for practicing yoga. Be it assistance in anxiety relief, flexibility improvement, create space for deeper meditation, release built up tension, create a path for a balanced life, or a fun way to spend your time; yoga can help achieve a variety of goals and enrich your yoga practice.

One of the amazing parts of developing a yoga practice is that there are no limits. You can always improve your practice while reaping emotional and physical benefits. Combining yoga and CBD (Cannabidiol) can take your experience to a new level. And it doesn't have anything to do with getting high!  CBD is a natural plant compound from the hemp plant which was made fully federally legal through the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill.  It has many benefits that have been experienced by it’s users and evidence based research studies that support the many uses CBD has both physically and mental wellness.  We will discuss some of these benefits and how they pertain to combing CBD oil and yoga.

The overwhelming (and regularly discovered) benefits of CBD yoga can enhance your practice, create a space to teach you something new about your body and mind, slow a busy mind, assist in relieving pain and anxiety.  As well as be great for recovery.

 Here are four reasons why CBD yoga is worth your attention.

 1.  CBD Oil and Yoga Can Slow Your Mind and Stimulate Intention

CBD yoga is a natural pairing that elevates the positive impact of both. While CBD doesn't get you high, it has a special effect on your endocannabinoid system and inspires a calm mind that can enhance your yoga practice tremendously.

What is the toughest part about yoga?

There are a lot of answers to fit here but balancing physical intensity, calm breath, and peace of mind are certainly at the top of the list for many who are asked.

When starting out, be it as a beginner to yoga or starting out a new stage of your yoga practice or perhaps starting out with new challenging asanas, the physically challenge of going into a posture and holding it and keeping a calm breath and clear mind can be one of the more difficult aspects of the yoga practice.

Creating a yogi’s mindset, setting yourself up for a mindful relaxed practice is paramount and CBD, premium hemp extracts, before class can help in this!  Not only can it help to get you to that space but also create more benefit by bringing into your practice, a more relaxed state, assist in relieving anxiety to be able to build on and go deeper in your yoga session. 

CBD oil before class may help you:

  • Relax your body
  • Calm a busy mind
  • More relaxed breathing
  • Increase body awareness

Cannabidiol can also have a positive effect when used for CBD and hot yoga practices, some yoga practicer have experienced. CBD and hot yoga complement each other, enhancing release, letting go of tension, and creating the circumstances for a deeper more mindful practice.

2.  CBD Yoga Can Help with Postures and Poses

CBD and yoga can help with postures and asanas

It's not a secret that many Asanas, yoga postures and poses can seem daunting at first. When you see how yoga teachers fold and twist their bodies, it's easy to get overwhelmed. However, with practice, it's possible to achieve more than you've ever imagined.  It is important to be present in where you are in your practice, if it just beginning or you are a seasoned yogi, comparing and competing with others can prove to be a distraction and not helpful in gaining the benefits of yoga.

Numerous studies (1) have been done to prove CBD's ability to reduce pain and be a powerful anti-inflammation which is a perfect match for going deeper into the asana and assistance in recovery.  If you suffer from muscle pain and arthritis, CBD should be considered to see if it can be of benefit, like it has for many other people.  As a result, you can learn a variety of yoga poses and get closer and closer to finding the ideal place with this tandem.

People have various reasons why they come to yoga, one of many reasons is to assist in pain relief. However, even seemingly simple poses can be out of their reach, in the beginning, due to pain, discomfort and lack of flexibility.  Along with many of the positive benefits of CBD, it can be excellent in addressing symptoms of pain and anxiety.  Assistance in pain relief has consistently been on the top list of benefits one gains from premium hemp extracts.  Other people experience benefit as an anti-inflammatory, help with anxiety, getting a better nights sleep and better general well being, homeostasis.

3.  CBD Can Help with Recovery

No matter what your level of yoga expertise is, your muscles may get sore and tired after class. CBD and restorative yoga can relieve the soreness and aches caused by the physical aspects of your yoga practice as well as:

  • Reduce muscle inflammation
  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve energy levels 

Depending on the type of yoga you practice, your body experiences different intensities. Additionally, CBD can extend the depth of Shavasana, integrating your practice deeper and allowing to take in the effects of your intention and efforts.

Since CBD can also help you deal with anxiety (2) and assist with insomnia, it can improve your overall well-being, homeostatus and help with recovery before the next class. When it comes to restoration, yoga and CBD are an impressive duo, which must not be overlooked. While CBD affects different people differently, yogis are likely to feel its recovery effects.  It is also important to keep in mind that CBD’s effect will vary depending on several factors including; body size and type, age, individual biology, diet and other medication or supplements one maybe taking, to name a few.

It is also recommended to talk to your doctor or healthcare professional if you are pregnant, nursing or taking other medications.  As well as work on the proper serving size (dosage) that suits you best, to take advantage of the total effects of the hemp plant CBD.

As a bonus, CBD and restorative yoga form an excellent tandem. They enhance each other's effects and calm your mind while soothing the body.

4.  CBD Oil and Yoga Can Complement Meditation

Meditation is an integral part of a comprehensive yoga experience, the fruits of your yoga practice. Although not thinking and emptying the mind may sound easy, it can prove to be one of the more difficult things you do!  Most people can’t stop thinking about numerous problems, things to do, anxieties and worries, family and other people, how people view you and many other thoughts that may run through your mind, the moment they enter the yoga class.

That's where CBD (hemp extract oil) comes in. Besides being an excellent supplement to the physical part of your practice, it can:

  • Enhance your mood
  • Stimulate calmness
  • Improve concentration
  • Simplify relaxation
  • Reduce stress

All of the above are integral elements of a successful meditation session. Coupled with yoga teachings, CBD can magnify meditation effects and help you enjoy its benefits longer.

It's important to understand that CBD isn't a magic pill (or oil drop) that can help you achieve your meditation goals. Meditation takes time, effort, and practice. There are many types and techniques of meditation which takes dedication and learning, CBD can gently push you toward the direction of meditation supporting the effort and energy of you practice with encouraging a calm frame of mind, more relaxed body setting up a state of rest, while enhancing your overall yoga practice.

The Takeaway

CBD yoga is using a combination of yoga and CBD to achieve various goals for your body and mind, from relaxation, anxiety relief to stronger muscle recovery and better flexibility.  Yogis are using this combination to improve their yoga experience and take their bodies and minds to the next level.  It is also something that may take some time to experience more and more of the benefits, taking the time and having patience over time to let the anti-inflammation and other effects of premium hemp extracts set in.  The benefits range from person to person, with some people feeling the impact and effects immediately while others may experience the subtle and compounding effects that after a few weeks you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

While CBD affects each person differently, it certainly worth a try. CBD oil doesn't make you feel high, you can refer to some commonly asked questions regarding CBD oil by clicking on this FAQ section, it is a non-psychoactive compound with several potential benefits for your yoga practice and beyond.  It is derived from the plant hemp with natural anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief assistance.  We encourage you to learn more about CBD yoga to experience if it is a good fit for you and to see if you can benefit from this fantastic combination.  Please contact us at any point, we are happy to help and assist in making a good decision or get started and place your order.



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