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CBD Oil: Facts You Should Know

CBD Oil: Facts You Should Know

May 24, 2021


facts you should know about CBD


Cannabidiol or CBD is the second-most prominent cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant and, over the last few years, has seen a significant spike in the wellness market. In fact, according to Gallup studies, one in seven (1) Americans today use some form of CBD, primarily for medicinal purposes. As this CBD presence continues to grow, more and more individuals are becoming curious about the ins and outs of this cannabis derivative. 

Unfortunately, even with the growing popularity and the significant amount of research showing the benefits of CBD products, there is still a fair amount of misinformation surrounding CBD oil, including what it is, how it works, and what consumers should look for in CBD products. Fortunately, in this blog, we will help clear up these questions and provide you the information you need to know. 

CBD Won't Get You "High"

One of the significant benefits of CBD oil is that its cannabinoid compound is both therapeutic and "non-intoxicating." This means that CBD can be extracted from a cannabis plant, but it does not have the same ability to create a "high" or a state of euphoria such as THC. In general, CBD can assist in helping one feel less anxious (2) or more relaxed, but you will not get that high feeling if you choose to use a premium CBD tinctures, THC free CBD oil, CBD edibles, or other CBD-infused products. 

So why does this common misconception that CBD can get you high continue to spread? Since both CBD and THC naturally occur in the cannabis plant, many people wrongly believe they have the same effects. Fortunately, pure tincture CBD can be isolated from the plant and the THC compound. This allows infusion of CBD into oils, tinctures, and edibles without the high-inducing THC. As a result, CBD alone is non-intoxicating, and it will not cause that same high feeling.  The cannabis plant has two genome the marijuana plant that is high in THC and hemp that is rich with CBD and low in THC.  CBD products are produced from the hemp plant only, the non-psychoactive effect, by law, have no more than 0.3% of THC.

Not all CBD is the Same, What is the best CBD tincture?

Although there are plenty of CBD products on the market today, including CBD tinctures and oils, it is important to know that not all of them are the same or created equally. Currently, there are no over-the-counter (OTC) CBD products that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a result, there are CBD products for sale that are not as reliable or as effective as others (3).  

Identifying the best tincture CBD is an investment into your well-being and your health. That is why you must ensure you find products that fit your needs and are also safe to use. For these reasons, when you are looking for premium CBD tinctures you need to work with a reputable CBD brand that provides transparency regarding how its CBD is sourced, processed, and inspected, and you consider the following tips (4):

  • Look at the Label: The first thing you will want to do when you purchase a CBD product is to check the label and make sure it has a disclosure on the COA (Certificate of Analysis). The COA will inform you about the quality, if it is a THC free CBD oil, provide you with a microbial analysis, information regarding the solvents, potency, and any testing done for pesticides or heavy metals. 

  • Know What You Want: Make sure you understand your specific needs when it comes to using CBD, premium hemp extracts, products. Just make sure you also keep in mind that this use will also depend on the state you live in, as CBD derived from marijuana has not been approved in all 50 states. 

  • Stay Away From Imposters: International CBD has been known to have many problems, especially because of the lack of regulations. Because many people that buy international CBD have a hard time getting information regarding where their CBD is grown or what questionable materials may be present in the CBD. It is best that you buy locally until these abroad markets are better regulated.

Is Hemp Oil and CBD Oil the Same?

cbd oil vs hemp oil

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding hemp oil and CBD oil, they are not the same!  They do come from the same plant however, CBD oil is extracted from the flower and whole plant, rich in CBD and many other cannabinoids while hemp seeds, although rich in omegas does not contain cannabinoids.

If you are looking to use CBD for it’s benefit’s you should be looking for products that are labeled as CBD oil or premium hemp extracts.

Quality & Testing are Extremely Important in Premium CBD Tinctures

With the significant influx of cannabis products available today, all of which label their products as having certain cannabinoids present, it may be quite challenging to figure out what exactly each product contains—making the process of purchasing CBD a rather stressful event. However, it does not have to be. If you want to verify what you are truly getting a pure tincture CBD product, all you need to do is check the lab tests. 

Third-party laboratory testing can not only tell consumers about cannabinoid profiles, but they can also help consumers know the purity of the product they are using and if there is any presence of toxic materials in the CBD such as pesticides and heavy metals. However, if a company only indicates their products have been tested, but does not provide consumers with their results, that is not enough. A large majority of legitimate CBD oil brands are ready to share their third-party lab results with their customers and verify that their CBD oil is everything that it claims to be, if it is a THC free CBD oil, if it is including high CBD levels, low THC levels, and free of impurities. 

Is CBD Safe?

Through established research and studies, (5) CBD has shown to be safe even on a continuous bases at this point.  Even in high doses upward of 1,500 mg a day, it is well tolerated by humans.

World Health Organization (WHO) report, published in November 2017, has written:

"that CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans and animals.  It is not associated with any negative health effects."

CBD does not induce physical dependence and is “not associated with abuse potential.” 

It is important that if you are currently taking other medication and want to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle that you discuss this with your medical professional, doctor or care giver.

Is It Legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, Plant based hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are legal federally.  However it is important to check state and native territories in regards to legal status as it is evolving.

Does CBD Pet Wellness Work the Same on Pets?

CBD Pet wellness

Many pet owners have given their furry friends and family CBD for various reasons (6), including in helping with pain management, joint issues, separation anxiety, aging issues and relaxing in high stress situations like fourth of July fireworks celebrations or travel, to name a few.  CBD pet wellness which works on the Endocannabinoid system functions in the same ways on all mammals.  There are plenty of anecdotal and studies that supports these benefits for pet wellness with CBD oil.

What Happens if I Take CBD Everyday?

This is an important and common question! There are extensive studies showing that CBD can NOT be overdosed and that it is a lipophilic (fat soluble) which results in a compounding effect over time in your body over a period of time.  As a base line regarding daily serving sizes, many studies use anywhere between 20 mg and 1,500 milligrams (7) per day.

Taking CBD on a daily bases may have a great compound effect, here are some things to factor or keep in mind:

It is recommended to discuss with your doctor or medical professional appropriate dosage or serving size, and any other medical consideration as every body is different and has a unique biology and circumstances.

Additional potential health benefits (8)

The Bottom Line

With all the CBD options out there, it can be difficult trying to figure out which CBD is best for your specific needs but is also a high-quality best CBD tincture product that makes you feel confident in what you are buying. Fortunately, at Eli Ruby, we take the guesswork out of your CBD shopping by providing you with CBD products, premium hemp extracts, that are tested and verified several times. Plus, we make sure that everything we sell meets the highest industry standards for Quality Assurance and labeling criteria.

Now you know facts about CBD oil, if you are looking to purchase premium CBD tinctures or other type of hemp extract products, look no further.  Check out our site today to learn more.


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