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5 Benefits of Extra Strength CBD Products

Eli Ruby Extra Strength Premium CBD 5 Benefits

As CBD products become more and more a part of mainstream acceptance in the United States and across the globe for its various attributes and wellness possibilities, serving size or right individual dosage has gotten more focus and research.  Although the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD at this time, medical professionals and scientific researchers have teamed up to guide our understanding of this compound found in the hemp plant. One of their biggest revelations is that extra strength CBD products hold a wealth of benefits to help us positively balance our health and wellness.  Efficacy greatly vary  depending on several factors such as individual biology, body size, age, other medications one maybe taking to name a few.

Does CBD Oil Have Different Strengths?

Yes. The strength or potency of CBD is simply the amount of CBD per mL. You can figure out the strength of a CBD product by dividing the amount of CBD a bottle contains by the total mL in the bottle. For instance, many CBD tincture bottles are 30mL and contain three different levels of oil:

Eli Ruby Extra Strength Premium CBD 5 benefits
  • 500 mg per bottle, for potency of 16.67 mg CBD per mL

  • 1000 mg per bottle, for potency of 33.3 mg CBD per mL

  • 1500 mg per bottle, for potency of 50 mg CBD per mL

  • 2000 mg per bottle, for potency of 66.66 mg CBD per mL

It's always important to consult your healthcare provider before beginning any CBD dosing routine to ensure that you are taking a safe dosage, or serving size, and that you don't take any medications that might preclude you from using the oil.

In addition, high-quality third-party testing is key to ensuring that the claimed potency of CBD matches what's actually in the bottle.  In addition, finding a trust worthy company that uses organic growing practices, non-GMO, vegan and manufactured in a FDA registered facility are also things to look for.

What is Considered a High Potency Dose of CBD?

According to a new 2021 analysis (1) by a task force of experts, 40 mg of CBD per day is the high range of "normal" to help treat some of the most common health conditions. By this evaluation, anything over 40 mg of potency (strength) would be considered a high potency dose of CBD or extra strength CBD products.

Clinical studies vary in their reported doses, with a general range from 100-800 mg daily (2). What's considered a "high" dose differs from person to person and depends on your sensitivity to CBD oil, premium hemp extracts, your body's metabolism, the type of CBD product you take, your body weight, and the symptoms or health conditions you're using it for.  Other studies have used dosage size of 600-1600 mg per day as well.

Can you Take Too Much CBD?

Eli Ruby Extra Strength CBD Capsules Finest CBD

Research has revealed that up to 1,500 mg (3) of CBD a day is "well-tolerated". In addition, CBD users don't show symptoms of withdrawal when discontinuing the use of CBD oil, and there are few side effects (4) to using this natural plant-based wellness product.

However, because everyone's body reacts differently, it's always recommended to start with smaller doses and work your way up to extra-strength CBD products. A good rule of thumb is to begin with 1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

What Happens if You Use Too Much CBD Oil?

CBD oil is non-intoxicating, which means you won't experience a "high" if you take more than your body needs. However, for some people they may experience (5) nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, and dehydration, in rare cases. In very rare cases, should consuming excessive amounts of CBD cause adverse reaction, stop consuming and consult your medical professional.

It's also important to note that unnatural additives to CBD products can cause reactions, so finding pure tincture CBD, the best CBD capsules, and edibles, CBD gummies, that use organically grown hemp, natural ingredients, and GMO-free production processes can help boost your health scorecard.  This is especially important when using extra strength CBD capsules, extra strength CBD roll-on, extra strength CBD body butter or other extra strength topicals and CBD oil products to insure you are using premium hemp extracts in your wellness routine.

5 Benefits of Extra Strength CBD Products

1.)  Managing Anxiety

Extra strength CBD oil, i.e extra strength CBD capsules, extra strength roll-on, extra strength CBD cream and other extra strength premium hemp extracts, may be ideal for treating anxiety because studies show (6) high-dose, extra strength CBD works well to relieve symptoms (7) of agitation, worry, and fatigue. That may be why a 2019 Project CBD Survey (8) revealed that anxiety was one of two main conditions for which participants reported using the oil.

2.)  Sleep Regulation

Eli Ruby Extra Strength premium CBD sleep apnea management

Much like with anxiety, people who experience sleep issues may benefit from extra-strength CBD oil. Research (9) points to positive results when using higher levels of CBD to better regulate your sleep-wake cycles, which helps to reduce fatigue and keeps your mind-body health functioning properly.(10)  Many have experienced a great benefit from the use of extra strength CBD capsules for example with sleep apnea, making it to the top of the list of uses and benefits.

3.)  Pain Relief

Managing pain is one of the most common uses for CBD. In fact, it is so widely used for this issue that a global task force (11) recently released a routine set of dosing protocols to treat the condition using CBD. One study (12) is even tracking the benefits of using up to 600 mg of CBD daily to help cancer patients. While doses vary, mid-to-higher doses (13) are often recommended, especially for people dealing with chronic or cancer-related pain. (14).  The use of extra strength CBD body butter, extra strength CBD roll-on and extra strength CBD cream are a wonderful option for this context.

4.)  Higher Body Weight

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding on your CBD oil dosage is your body weight. Since it's generally recommended to take 1-6mg of CBD for every ten pounds, extra-strength CBD capsules is great for people with a higher body weight. For instance, someone weighing 150 pounds can take up to 90mg per day of CBD oil, whereas a person weighing 250 pounds can take up to 150mg daily.

This chart from the CBD Awareness Project (15) provides a breakdown of just how much CBD oil is recommended to maintain a balanced health scorecard, based on your weight in pounds.

5.)  Oral and Topical CBD Products

Eli Ruby extra strength CBD body butter premium

Alongside body weight, product type, consumption method, is the other biggest factor to consider when deciding if extra strength CBD cream is a good choice for you. Why? Because premium hemp extracts, even the best CBD tinctures, that's taken orally (by mouth) must undergo something called "first pass metabolism"(16), which lowers the absorption rate (aka bioavailability) (17) of medicinal substances such as CBD.

While it's true that some people will place premium CBD tinctures under their tongue and hold it there for a one to two minutes in order to increase absorption rates, this can be difficult to do in certain situations, like when giving CBD Pet Wellness to your pet.  This is why extra-strength CBD capsules and extra-strength CBD tinctures are becoming so popular.  They help ensure you get enough of CBD oil for its benefits to take effect.

Similarly, topical CBD products that are placed onto your skin, including CBD muscle gel, CBD Roll-On, extra strength CBD Body Butter or other CBD lotions, are great when applied in liberal amounts because the skin's main role is to block outside chemicals. Extra strength topical CBD products have a greater amount of CBD oil available to interact with local receptors, which has been shown to help alleviate pain (18) and inflammation (19) from daily activities, sports, and health conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis and more.

Extra strength CBD cream and extra strength CBD roll-on deep relief products are great choices for outdoor enthusiasts, people on the go, or anyone diagnosed with conditions that cause localized pain or skin inflammation.

At Eli Ruby, you can enjoy our full line of CBD capsules, tinctures, and pet products and an exciting extra strength CBD product line that are designed to provide you, your loved ones, and your furry friends with the finest CBD products – all quality formulated to provide an "extra strength" dose of healthy balance to any wellness routine.

In Conclusion

We discussed the importance of finding the optimal dose for each individual depending on the unique biology considerations and the goal you have for using CBD.  Understanding the consumption options, be it a premium CBD Tinctures, CBD premium capsules, best CBD gummies, and potency is critical for finding that sweet spot for each user.  We also covered serving size risk of using high potency CBD products, if any and the benefits of using an extra strength CBD products.  We invite you to learn more about CBD oil and our fantastic product line of extra strength CBD products as well as conventional strengths premium hemp extracts that are lab tested, non-GMO, vegan, grown in USA and manufactured in a FDA registered facility.



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