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Combining the Benefits of CBD and Meditation

4 Ways the Synergy of Combining the Benefits of CBD and Meditation Improves Your Health

May 29, 2021

Benefits of CBD and Meditation combined

We live in a complicated world, the busyness and speed of life, pressures of navigating and establishing yourself in the world and some of us struggle with the additional stress of balancing many roles with our jobs, families, and issues that concern us. The modern world with all its technologies has both positive and negative effects as well as social media that may create added anxiety and concerns, shows no signs of slowing down or lessening its effect on the human psyche.

Prescription and over-the-counter medications abound to help us relieve stress and anxiety. But, along with the seemingly quick results, the adverse side effects include everything from grogginess to organ damage to dependence.  Typically these products relieve the symptoms in a temporary manner, not ever addressing the root issue or creating homeostasis that could contribute toward creating general wellness, daily balance.

Those looking for improved mental health and calmness often prefer a natural method that also contributes to better overall health, these holistic approaches typically take more time to set in typically with positive benefits gradually taking hold.

Combining cannabidiol or CBD with the practice of meditation provides a synergistic option to improve mental health and help control stress and anxiety.  In this article we will go over and introduce some background, ideas and potential benefits of meditation and CBD.

What is CBD Oil and How Does it Work?

Hemp-derived CBD represents a cannabinoid without psychoactive properties but with plenty of healing attributes. A hemp plant contains less than .3% Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC, of course, represents the cannabinoid that will produce the euphoric high found in the marijuana version of the cannabis plant.

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system or ECS (1) to help achieve homeostasis or balance. Found throughout the bodies of all mammals, the endocannabinoid system consists of a series of small acidic molecules called endocannabinoids. 

The ECS becomes naturally compromised with aging, stress, and autoimmune disease. We also compromise the ECS through poor lifestyle choices involving fatty, sugary diets, lack of exercise, and substance abuse.  When we ingest or apply a cannabis-based product, it works to assist an ailing ECS. The cannabis plant possesses a system to keep the plant itself healthy. This system, referred to as photosynthesis, mirrors that of the ECS.

Cannabinoids such as CBD helps us handle pain, stress and anxiety, and other physical and mental ailments.

What is Meditation?

The practice of meditation (2) embodies a set of techniques that encourage a heightened state of mental awareness and focus. The procedure of meditation represents an art form that takes time and patience to develop.  

Its history dates back thousands of years in several cultures. Meditation finds its way into almost all religions and to those who don't relate to religious beliefs.

Two of the main types of meditation know to the west include concentration, which focuses on a word or mantra, and mindfulness-based meditation, where you deal with a specific situation that may cause stress.  There are many other types and forms of meditation practices but for the purpose of this article will stave to give a general overview.

Meditation and CBD

Some benefits of practicing meditation include:

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Better quality sleep

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Better understanding and empathy for others

  • Pain relief, especially for headaches

  • Slowing the breath and creating a health mind body relationship

  • Control the mind and managing your racing thoughts

When practicing meditation, you should start with a short amount of time. It would be best if you found a quiet place for a few minutes, creating a space you can come back to and cultivate a meditation practice can be very beneficial. Focus on your breathing, but don't suppress your thoughts.  When thoughts enter you mind like a to do list, worries about work, children, family and others, simply be aware of these thoughts and allow them to pass in a non-resistant way.  Be mindful that you have been thinking about it, that your thoughts have consumed you then return to emptying your mind.  And when it happens again, simply repeat and be aware that you have been distracted by your thoughts and worries.

The Benefits of Combining CBD Oil and Meditation:

Both CBD and mindful meditation fall under the holistic approach to healthcare. They both work with the mind and the body and take time and patience to develop their full benefits. When used together, CBD and meditation help with mental health in the following ways:

  1. Stress relief comes from either CBD oil and meditation. Used routinely, CBD will help elevate your mood, which results in better meditation sessions. CBD reduces the production of the hormone cortisol that causes stress. Cortisol (3) represents a naturally occurring hormone that our bodies produce in the Adrenal glands at the top of our kidneys. Our brains need cortisol to control our moods and energy level. We overproduce cortisol when we worry about money, family, and world events. Too much stress manifests as physical and mental disabilities such as PTSD, OCD, heart disease, and hypertension problems.

  2. CBD and meditation improve mental clarity and focus by calming your thoughts. Meditation and CBD both help enhance the quality of sleep. Better sleep naturally helps with cognitive functions and creates a more rational thinking process.

  3. Anxious feelings naturally diminish with CBD and mindful meditation. Anxiety closely relates to the overabundance of stress. Though everyone occasionally feels anxiety, living a tense life leads to both physical and mental illness with everything from digestive issues to depression.

  4. Improved mental clarity and reduced stress and anxiety will also result in a sense of emotional well-being. The ability to think clearly and handle our concerns will naturally lead to a feeling of contentment. 

CBD  oil and meditation represent the perfect catalyst to take advantage of the mind/body connection. They both benefit physical and mental health, and the synergy of using the two together produces even better results.

Choosing Your Delivery Method and Dosing of CBD:

Taking CBD orally through tinctures,  CBD premium capsules or gummies represents a good option for everyday consumption and overall better health. Adding CBD to your routine will also may contribute to the quality of your meditation practices.

Suppose you feel particularly anxious or need the added benefit of CBD quickly to enhance your meditation session. In that case, delivery methods exist that will get the CBD into your system much faster than taking a gummy or capsule: (4)

  • Using tinctures by placing drops of the oil right under the tongue, sublingually, so that the CBD enters the bloodstream through the sublingual gland represents a very efficient and fast acting way to ingest CBD. Because of the concentrated blood vessels in this area, the desired effects of the CBD, premium hemp extracts, take place much more quickly than taking a capsule or a gummy.

  • The fastest way to deliver CBD involves vaping. Vaping habitually, however, may present a health risk to your lungs.

  • Suppositories also act quickly. The suppository method presents an option for people whose health limitations make it difficult or impossible to use other methods.

  • Topical CBD products such as creams, salves or massage oil take longer to take effect.  Additionally, other compounds added to the topical, carriers, will effect the time frame and efficacy.  They may not add to the meditation session but certainly could help with relaxation.

No matter the delivery system you choose, when dosing CBD, start by following the manufacturer's suggested dose or that of your healthcare provider. If you need to increase an amount, it should take place slowly and incrementally. Remember that CBD does take a while to adjust to your system as well as being a lipophilic fat soluble and having an accumulative effect over time. 

There are many studies and research investigating the safety of CBD and dosage.  As the World Health Organization states:

"that CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans and animals.  It is not associated with any negative health effects."

Keep in mind that studies use anywhere between 20 mg and 1,500 milligrams (5).  Serving sizes will vary and depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Personal biology

  • Age and body weight

  • Your goals or the condition you wish to address

  • Other medication you maybe taking

  • Concentration of CBD

It is recommended to discuss this with you doctor or healthcare provider to ensure there is no conflict with any mediations you are taking, issues with a current treatment or other considerations they want you to keep in mind.

Meditation and CBD complement each other with a synergistic effect that may help improve all aspects of your health. However, be patient, it takes time to cultivate a meditation practice and the benefits are not immediately felt.  Same goes with CBD, the potential benefits may take time and be subtle and gradual.  Many people find a great benefit from keeping a journal or notes of when one takes it and the serving size, then write down how it felt or how the day when, perhaps this process will create mindfulness and awareness in realizing that you had improvements. They will both work even better if a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle comes into play. A nutritious diet, plenty of sleep and water, good hygiene, and an inspiring social life also add to relieving stress and anxiety and living a healthier life.  If you wish to get started with this amazing combination of CBD and mindful meditation, come and visit us and reach out with any questions.


Mindful Meditation, Mountains and CBD


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